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15 Bullet Journal Bucket List Spreads That Are Exciting

We’re bound to have goals or things we’d like to do in life and one of the best ways to visualize these special things is by creating bullet journal bucket list spreads. It serves as an inspirational and motivational guide to help us make these goals happen while also helping to plan ahead for them.

If there’s something that you’d like to do during the summer or a list of new things you’d like to try this year, like swimming, trying a new ice cream flavor, or getting your hair done, here’s a fantastic list of bucket list spreads you can use in your bullet journal.

All of these designs and ideas are absolutely easy to draw and they range from minimalistic, artistic to creative and there are so many favorites to be had.

You’ll definitely find it hard to choose from all of these spreads!

What Is A Bucket List?

First up, you might be wondering what a bucket list is all about or what it should entail. It’s quite simple actually. 

A bucket list is basically a compilation fo the things you would like to do and accomplish in this lifetime. It could range from trying out different things, activities or maybe improving yourself, for example, going on a trip to a specific location, riding a hot air balloon, or something as simple as trying out a new flavor of ice cream during summer.

If you would like to keep track of your goals and aspirations, having a bucket list is a great way to do so.

How To Create Bucket List Spreads

Creating a bucket list is absolutely easy and you can make up so many different ones for a specific category or an all in one.

There are few types of bucket lists and those are for seasonal activities, a yearly bucket list, life goals, or even a bucket list for learning something new.

However, you could include all of these things in one bucket list spread too!

Step 1: Decide on a List

The first thing you’ll need to do quickly is to decide what kind of bucket list you’ll be planning to use. Are you going to need one for a specific period of time or would you like to create an overall list for the entire year?

Either way, you’ll find plenty of ideas to choose and incorporate into one if you decide to for either of these.

Step 2: Choose a Theme

From the list below, you can pick a type of spread to follow or you can make your bucket list spread themed.

For instance, if you have a list of places you’d like to travel to, why not draw a few travel doodles or flags to make it look creative?

If not, you’ll definitely bound to love more than one bucket list spread below!

Step 3: Write Down Your Ideas

Once you have an idea of the goals or activities you’d like to eventually try out, it’s time to get started on the actual spread. You could either draw it out on a rough page or get right to it. 

Activities You Could Include In Your Bucket List

Coming up with ideas can be a challenge but sometimes reading an idea can spark a motivation or reminder that you think would sound interesting.

With a bucket list, the goal or task does not need to be extravagant or cost a lot of money. It could be something simple and easy to do but as long as it’s a desire of yours to do something, add it to the list!

Here’s a list of activities you could include in your bucket list spread if you’re running short of ideas:

  • Throw a Themed Party
  • Do Random Acts of Kindness
  • Go to an Aquarium
  • Sleep in a Haunted House
  • Finish a Crossword Puzzle
  • Go to a County Fair
  • Have a White Christmas
  • Ride on a Cable Car
  • Go on a Picnic
  • Write a Book
  • Find a Four Leaf Clover

Bucket List Ideas & Inspiration

1. Mason Jar Drink

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There’s nothing more summer-themed than a mason jar and lemons, am I right!?

This spread is perfect if you want to give your bullet journal a whole summer theme vibe and the lemons as a border are super creative.

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2. Visual Spread

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 For a more visual spread of things you’d like to do this year, this one will be ideal. Drawing cute doodles in each circle may require a bit of effort but you can’t deny how fantastic the result is.

Alternatively, you could use stickers or cutouts in place of drawing or keep it even simpler with just writing the things you’d like to do on it’s own.

3. Lemon-Themed Spread

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Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy #bujo #summer #bucketlist #lemons

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Here’s another lemon spread but one that goes all out on the artistic feel with this two-page spread. You’ll have loads more space to write things down but coming back to fill in this beautiful piece will make you excited to knock more things off the list.

4. Typography Spread

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If you’re the kind of person who loves to explore typography, this one is for you! It definitely is challenging to create these beautiful fonts by hand but with the way it turns out, I say the work you put in will definitely please you at the end.

5. Clean and Neat

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For a simpler spread that’s less to do with drawing, try this one. You’ll want to find a highlighter that is on the light side and alternate each line with the particular color you choose.

6. Fall Bucket List

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Besides summer and yearly goals, there are also seasons to look forward too such as Summer or Fall! Here you can create an entire spread dedicated to things you’d like to, places to visit or things to eat during the fall.

Creating a bucket list for the fall is one of my personal favorites since there are just so many ways to decorate these spreads. You can draw maple leaves, hot chocolate doodles, cozy scarves, and more.

7. Mind-Map Doodle Spread

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For a blank and white spread with zero bright colors, this one is the perfect mind map or guide to summer activities.

8. Fall Doodle List Spread

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This spread will require plenty of leaf doodles mixed in with a few adorable Halloween doodles in preparation for the fall season. You don’t have to write want you want to do in a fancy font but it’s really all up to what you’d prefer.

9. Yearly Bucket List Spread

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Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and try new things this year.

This simple spread is absolutely perfect to go at the beginning of a new bullet journal and the quote at the bottom on the next page is no doubt a smart touch that completes this bucket list spread.

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10. Floral Themed Spread

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Our goals and things we want to do can change at any time and sometimes it’s hard to cover up a certain task when you no longer feel for it.

Make use of a separate piece of paper to write down your goals and stick it in with washi tape.

11. Bucket List Progress Tracker

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 Keep track of your bucket list progress with this smart progress tracker. You can write down the date of each goal and track it as you make your way to completing the task.

12. Girly Bucket List Spread

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This spread is the perfect combination of pinks, browns, and white. You can write down your list on different pieces of paper and arrange it in this way that is more on the chic style.

13. Banner Quote Bucket List Spread

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Draw a cute banner on the side of your page to highlight a particular quote and then draw the header in a large block font and finishing off with a shadow cast beneath each letter.

I think this is a fantastic idea if you want to make use of much space you can on a page to make lists spreads look fun!

14. Minimalistic Bucket List

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White on black-themed spread always catch my eye and I just love the effect it gives when you use a white pen on a black spot. It makes the words stand out more just like how it’s shown in this bucket list spread.

15. Hanging Plant Spread

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Hanging pot doodles are so fun and cute to draw and can make just about any spread look fantastic. If you want to fill in an empty space, try drawing a flower doodle like this that will make it look intentional and creative!

Just Have Fun With It

Creating bucket list spreads is always an exciting new task for me and when summer rolls in, that’s when I get really creative since it’s a chance to write down the things that might sound interesting to try out.

My absolute favorite new spread would be the mason jar one that I can’t wait to try out. In fact, all of these bullet journal spreads are so fantastic, it’s really hard to choose from. 

However, whichever one you do decide to go for, just note that your spreads are bound to look incredible!

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