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Best Gift Ideas For Artists

Best Gift Ideas For Artists: Supplies They’ll Love

Choosing a gift for a loved one or friend is not easy. Even more so for an artist friend. 

If you’ve never painted or can’t tell the difference between oils and acrylics, then deciding what to get for an artist can be somewhat of a challenge.

Fortunately, you have me here to help ease the struggle and help you find the perfect gift that will make them feel happy and blessed.

When picking a gift, you’ll want to take these questions and factors into consideration: 

  • What does the artist like?
  • What type of art do they make?
  • Have they shown an interest in a different medium or style of art?
  • What concepts, techniques, or ideas are they interested in learning?
  • Are they running low on their favorite art supplies?
  • What medium do they use?
  • What is their level of experience?

This will make finding a gift so much easier and simpler as it will surely spark inspiration and ideas on what to get for them

Now with this in mind, gifting an artist can be an extremely rewarding and fun process. 

From art supplies, books, kits, and other things artists like, you’ll find the absolute best gift guide for artists, regardless of their level or medium.  

If this sounds good, let’s get straight to it and check out these best gift ideas for artists:

Best Gifts For Artists 

Quality Art Supplies

Artists always tend to run out of supplies fast, especially if they’ve been painting for a long time. 

One of the most valuable gifts any artist will appreciate is new art supplies. 

Quality canvases, paints, and brushes make it a pleasurable painting experience but this doesn’t mean to say that you have to break the bank or purchase expensive supplies you can’t afford. 

At the end of the day, a gift comes from the heart and I’m sure the artist you want to gift will still love the supplies you get from them.

If you don’t want to buy the wrong thing, you could keep a close eye or ask the artist what their favorite brands or types of paint, canvases, or brushes they prefer to use.

paint supplies to gift artists

This should give you a good idea of what they normally gravitate towards or if you’re visiting their studio or workspace, keep your eye peeled to see which supplies they are using the most and use this as a reference when purchasing your gift.

Also, you could get some advice from the assistants when shopping for these art supplies if you really have no clue which supplies are worth gifting to someone.

Another fun thing you could do that will really intrigue the artist and get them excited again about art is to gift them with a new art medium they’ve never used before, for example, an acrylic or oil painter receiving oil pastels or watercolor pencils.

Either way, they’ll definitely be touched by your thoughtful gesture and treasure the supplies you got them. 

Here are some common supplies you can consider gifting to artists who paint:


A simple paint set of a specific medium or a few go-to tubes of their favorite brand can be a great gift. Also, you can also gift oil painters with oil painting mediums like linseed oil, Liquin, or varnishes. 


A high-quality painting brush set of their favorite artists set from Rosemary co or their go-to brushes would be an exciting gift.


Gift the artist a few quality primed canvases in different sizes or a canvas pad. Artists always need something to paint on and this will be both useful and practical rather than gifting supplies they won’t have much use for.


If the artist doesn’t already have an easel, you could consider getting them a desk or standing easel that will make painting an even more enjoyable and pleasurable experience.

If you’d like to gift all these supplies in one go, then you might find this gift set worth buying for your artist:

Buy it now from Amazon

Handmade Pottery Watercolor Paint Cup

A water cup to rinse and clean the brushes is essential in every painting session. Gift your artist with a stylish and adorable paint cup to decorate their studio or enhance their art experience. 

Faber-Castell Polychromos Artist Pencils Gift Box

Any artist who has been in the game for a long time probably had their heart set on owning one of these beautiful pencil sets.

These color pencils can create stunning artwork with their smooth and easy application.

Packed with every color you could possibly need to make a professional piece of art, this set is considered one of the best on the market. 

You can grab a set of these pencils from Amazon over here!

Art Books

Art books are a great source of knowledge, ideas, and inspiration but they are more of a treat rather than a necessity for artists since art supplies are so expensive and more essential.

I’m sure if you gift a few art books that the artist is interested in.

You can also pick a few that are known to have great reviews on topics such as color theory, composition, or a compilation of the best paintings.

Art books are such a prized resource especially when your art tank is low and you need a bit of inspiration or boost to revive that creative spirit.

Custom Sketchbooks

custom sketchbook gift for artists

A sketchbook for an artist is like a right-hand man. You can always find one of them on the artist at all times, especially if said artist loves to draw and sketch.

Trust me, artists love new sketchbooks even if most pages are blank and empty.

A beautiful sketchbook can be a treat for any artist but if you want to really make it a special gift, consider getting a custom or personalized sketchbook with their name imprinted on the cover.

This will definitely be a wholesome and thoughtful gift.

Digital Drawing Tablet

For those who love to draw on paper, a digital tablet might be something worth trying for these artists.

However, this is another expensive gift but if the artist you’re gifting is interested in digital art, this gift will have them beaming for weeks. 

Here’s a popular drawing tablet available on Amazon

Art Print or Poster

Gift them with an art print or poster of their favorite artists’ work.

The artist you’re gifting will surely love hanging this up in their home or studio while working and this should make them feel even more inspired while creating art.

You might have to do some casual digging to find out which artwork or artists they love the most but be sure not to let them catch on if you want this gift to be a surprise. 

A Gift Basket

Create a custom gift by filling a basket with different art supplies. If you really want to go all out, this gift idea is one of the best.

You can fill the basket with small canvases, a few paint tubes, some brushes, an art book or two, sketchbooks, pastels, drawing pencils, a wooden palette, and a custom art apron.

Wrap the entire basket with plastic and then tie it off with a big bow. 

DIY Kintsugi Kit

Kintsugi is the art of repairing something broken by sealing it back together with gold lacquer. It’s a way to showcase the beauty of something perceived as flawed and broken.

This DIY kit will soon become the artist’s favorite quick and easy hobby that will also encourage them to explore a different area of their creativity.  

Final Thoughts

I hope this guide on the best gift ideas for artists have helped you significantly to choose the perfect gift.

There are many awesome things you can gift an artist with but at the end of the day, I’m certain they will appreciate the thought, gesture, and effort regardless of what you get. 

If this is your first time gifting an artist or maybe you’re not even sure what to gift them, I hope these ideas have been a huge help and relief.

The best way to decide is to tailor it according to what they like and would like to have. 

Knowing their medium, expertise, and level can also help determine which supplies or gifts are best suited for them. 

This way, you can make sure your gift is useful and loved by the receiver. 

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