Hi there, I’m Hana. First off, thank you for visiting BujoBabe!

BujoBabe has provided me with a platform to share my artistic vision, ideas, and inspirations with like-minded individuals.

I created BujoBabe to be a helpful resource for anyone interested in bullet journaling, hand lettering, doodling, painting, drawing, or even just learning how to be a productive artist and get more things done in a day.

I love being creative and exploring my artistic skills! It’s one of my favorite passions that brings me immense pleasure.

Art has inspired me to explore new topics, improve my drawing skills, and be more creative.

But I’m sure you already know how amazing painting and drawing are.

What to expect:

Creative Gems

Get inspired. Get excited. Get motivated to paint or draw again.

Develop New Skills

Discover interesting new techniques to improve your skills and artwork.

Breathe & Relax

Painting and drawing is an excellent form of mindfulness and relaxation. Escape the stress and dive into the world of art.


I do hope you will enjoy everything that I have to share with you and the inspiration you seek to keep making art that matters to you.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, feel free to message me at heybujobabe@gmail.com

Take care,